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It also fixes several security issues if found in Windows operating system.

In previous Windows versions such as Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, Microsoft always allowed Windows users to customize Windows Update settings.

The article assumes that you have already installed and configured a WSUS server.

In order to implement a WSUS infrastructure a compatible version of Automatic Updates must be installed on the client computers.

Windows drivers create compatibility between the various hardware devices in your computer by enabling them to communicate with one another and the Windows operating system.I don't allow them to install because I think someone has highjacked the Windows installation site and might be installing malware or a virus on my computer. I, too, still use XP (Pro), and I've noticed that when I do get a Microsoft 'update' notice, now-a-days, it's usually to do an update for MS-Defender, (I think they call it or used to call it..), which is Microsoft anti-virus/anti-malware's program.I'm wondering if other people are experiencing the same thing. It just wants to update it's virus signature database. But ALWAYS, ALWAYS check to see whose - and what - updates are being presented to me to be download to my computer, rather than letting them "automatically" install themselves...!!!To date, I've declined any such 'kind' invitations to do so.I hope this helps you decide what's going on with your computer when you do get XP "updates" from Microsoft.

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Once this is complete, you then need to configure the client computers on your network to point to the WSUS server.