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Choose colours that are alarming but in a calm and soothing way, corresponding to your target audience about the opportunities you would like to share with them with your services for their memorable day.

A wedding goes beyond the wardrobe and décor, it defining “pursuit of happiness” for most customers.

“It’s important for guests to understand the couple, but I find they can’t always articulate it.” What he likes to do is use a storybook invitation, with an illustration on the cover to represent the beginning.

The inside of the invitation suite can include similar illustrations with their initials carved in a tree – showcasing when they fell in love – and then a final image of the couple as cake toppers.

As the minister talked, I barely heard him totally in awe on Moose. But here I was in the a stuffy room with bullet holes in the windows and tackily lace trimmed curtains on the windows, with the justice of the peace, who smells like tacos and feet, wearing a simple white dress I'd had since I was 17, with a fake flowered bouquet the office provided. We hadn't had job offers at that point, and I didn't want us to be completely broke because we spent all our money on one day that is overly commercialized and there is no need to spend thousands on a trivial day. But I was marrying Moose and that was all I needed.

Want is insignificant, but marrying Moose was the most significant decision I've ever made.

Plus, since we're still relatively young (we're both in our mid-twenties), it gives us a small window of opportunity to enjoy some "me" time before the "we" factor starts to kick in more after we're married, when it's not quite so easy (but still important to spend separate time alone or with friends).

Your logo will be completely based on your specialization.

Camille and Moose are nominated by friends and family to be on the wedding show My Fair Wedding! On today's episode, we join the dancing couple Camille Gage and Robert Alexander III A. Moose proposed 4 months ago after their NYU graduation and the two planned to marry at the local courthouse and have a modest reception in their creative home called "The Volt".

Coose is in store for an expierence of a lifetime with David Tutera! They INTEND on getting married today, but we have a little surprise for them.

My fiancé and I decided to get engaged because we were ready to take that next step after dating, but our plans to tie the knot in 2012 were derailed when his physical therapy program added an extra year to their requirements.

An extra 365 days is a small price to pay for finding the person I want to spend the rest of my life with!

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