Validating a wsdl

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Validating a wsdl

Give a name to the wsdl (you can provide the name of wsdl which needs to be validated) and click on next. I suggest that as a work around because I could not find a way to import an existing wsdl directly into wsdl validator.Hi, I'm new to WSDL files, XSD files and Oxygen and my task was just to test / validate some WSDL files.The problem was that the files didn't work as expected, yet Oxygen thinks they're valid.Yet, we've already purchased Oxygen, so now we're looking to get comparable validation capabilities in Oxygen.I've seen it's possible to add custom validators of which some are included in Oxygen (although none are configured to work with WSDL files by default).This is a command line WSDL 2.0 validator using Woden, which was quickly put together while working on the Wsdl Converter. It can be downloaded from the development area on [email protected] ~/wsdl Converter% ./validate /tmp/[Error] toto.wsdl:: cvc-elt.1: Cannot find the declaration of element 'description'.

Lets see how we can validate an existing wsdl using Eclipse wtp.1.

The Professional Edition performs only simple schema validation, i.e., it treats the WSDL file as an XML file and validates it according to the appropriate schema defined at

The Enterprise Edition provides WSDL validation that goes beyond the validation provided by the Professional Edition.

Save it by selecting save button in eclipse tool bar.9.

Copy the contents of your existing wsdl (Suppose it is Myservice.wsdl) and paste in the source tab.8.

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WSI is the web services interoperability organization and it has defined the WSDL "basic profile" - a set of best practice recommendations for WSDLs.