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The firmware update also unlocks Netflix and Hulu Plus for Wii U owners and service subscribers.However, don't expect to see Netflix baked right into the Wii U by default – that still requires a separate download in order for movie and TV streaming to happen.Due to this inconvenience, you will have to copy the Twilight Hack back onto the console each time you want to use it.

This includes: System Menu 3.4 removes the Twilight Hack on every boot.Nintendo officially released the console's first major update and, at roughly 5GB in size, you're in for a bit of a download process.As reported by Kotaku's Owen Good, a number of new Wii U owners are taking to Twitter to complain about the lengthy download times built into the mandatory firmware update – anywhere from one to four hours, Good suggested, which can be a bit of a buzzkill for those looking to tap into everything their Wii U has to offer., an unauthorized Wii add-on disc that lets any Wii console play games from any region.Fans of homebrew games are also going to hate the update, since it ends the well-known hack that lets you run programs on your Wii thanks to an exploit that uses a loophole in (above).

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I found some really good tutorials on updating your Wii to 4.1U, but when I tried to run the updater I got an error (-1036).

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