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Updating jlabel

I have an int variable to keep track of how many times button is pushed.

I have a JLabel that shows this variable in the form of a string basically.

I have a secondary button listener class that implements the actionlistener code.

I have a combo Box in test class and a few JLabels in sample class.

What I'm trying to do to is that whenever I select the combo Box options, i want to update the JLabels in the sample class.

Hi I am very new to netbeans and I would like to ask help from you guys. Each panel has one button and one jlabel on it - all added to the main panel.

I have a new Desktop Application named Desktop Application1 (this is my main program) and a JFrame named New JFrame that I created by right click What David says is correct, but it still won't fix the problem. I have an actionlistener on each j Button so that when pressed it updates the jlabel on its (same) panel. Hi, I have an array of JPanels, each Jpanel is created in a separate class which extends JPanel, and then added to the main j Panel: j Panel Array[i] = new create JPanel(); j Panel Main.add(j Panel Array[i]); In create JPanel() a j Label and j Buttons are added with an actionlistener on the button.

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You should never call sleep(), or perform any other time-consuming operation, in an event handler. My question is, how do I access and update the j Label component on each j Panel in the ..problem could be anything - you would need to post a working sample program that demonstrates the problem, so we can see exactly how you have it put together.

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