Updating error symantec antivirus mac

Posted by / 01-Aug-2016 12:02

Updating error symantec antivirus mac

This problem can occur if certain Norton Anti Virus files are damaged or missing.

Run Live Update and update Norton Anti Virus to the latest version.

Symantec Endpoint Protection must be uninstalled when you are no longer affiliated with Elmira College or if your computer is transferred to another user.

To continue receiving updated virus definitions, please upgrade to a newer version of Norton Anti Virus for Macintosh.

IMPORTANT: Symantec Endpoint Protection is not a free program; it is licensed only for use by faculty, staff and students at Elmira College.

You may not give it to individuals who are not members of Elmira College.

For a major update to Mac OS X on a client system (from OS X 10.11 to OS X 10.12, for example), upgrade the Symantec Endpoint Protection client to the version that is compatible with the newer operating system, and then upgrade the operating system. Although Symantec does not officially support Mac OS X Server, there are only minor differences between Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server; Symantec Endpoint Protection for Mac will function and scan for threats as expected.

Please see Compatibility between Symantec Endpoint Protection for Mac and versions of Mac OS X for specific Symantec Endpoint Protection version requirements. What if I wish to perform a major upgrade to Mac OS X with Symantec Endpoint Protection installed? For minor updates to Mac OS X, such as 10.12 to 10.12.2, the Symantec Endpoint Protection client can remain in place.

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I opened Live Update and clicked "Update Everything Now", it ran for a few minutes then an alert popped up: Microdefs error Live Update had an error updating the virus definitions.