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In captivity, males up to 3.5 years; females, more than 20 years. Burrowing species of tarantulas do not have good vision, so mating proceeds by sense of touch, smell and vibration.As a prospective male carefully approaches, the female rears back on her hind legs.There's actually a whole branding campaign for Pueblo Chile.

Have you ever driven down the streets of Colorado and wondered, why don't we have license plates with chile peppers on them?Chile peppers don't have a plate of their own, and the Pueblo Chile Growers Association wants one, to let "all of Colorado know that Pueblo Chile is Colorado's Chile."The bill to approve this plate was presented at the capitol on Thursday.It passed through the House Transportation and Energy Committee, and it's headed to the appropriations committee.On recognizing the vehicle, the officer parks the bike, draws his gun and approaches.The seventeen year old thief decides to make a run for it in the stolen vehicle, and the officer gives chase on foot, firing his weapon. Seven of his organs were donated to transplant recipients.

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