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The horrors endured in IS captivity have left these women and girls so severely traumatized that some have been driven to end their own lives.Nineteen-year-old Jilan committed suicide while being held captive in Mosul because she feared she would be raped, her brother told Amnesty International. She was very beautiful; I think she knew she was going to be taken away by a man and that is why she killed herself.” The girl was among those who later escaped.Yazidi women seized by Isis are not merely sex slaves – a term which oversexualises their ordeal and diminishes their trauma.They are collateral damage in a systematic attempt to wipe out an entire people On August 3 2014, Isis attacked the town of Sinjar in northern Iraq, as part of their campaign to eradicate the Yazidi people and “purify” the region of non-Islamic influences.“We tied the scarves around our necks and pulled away from each other as hard as we could, until I fainted…

provides an insight into the horrifying abuse suffered by hundreds and possibly thousands of Yezidi women and girls who have been forcibly married, “sold” or given as “gifts” to IS fighters or their supporters. “Hundreds of Yezidi women and girls have had their lives shattered by the horrors of sexual violence and sexual slavery in IS captivity,” said Donatella Rovera, Amnesty International’s Senior Crisis Response Advisor, who spoke to more than 40 former captives in northern Iraq.

One of the girls who was held in the same room as Jilan and 20 others, including two girls aged 10 and 12, told Amnesty International: “One day we were given clothes that looked like dance costumes and were told to bathe and wear those clothes. Wafa, 27, another former captive, told Amnesty International how she and her sister attempted to end their lives one night after their captor threatened them with forced marriage.

They tried to strangle themselves with scarves but two girls sleeping in the same room awoke and stopped them.

UNFPA therefore seeks to recruit a PSEA Coordinator to support Iraq PSEA Network.

The overall task of the coordinator will be to focus on development and implementation of response to prevent sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA) within UN and humanitarian workers other than UN, which includes imparting technical skills as well as coordination with larger stakeholders.

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But Nadia's dreams were shattered as war ravaged Sinjar. Isis offered the Yazidi villagers a choice: convert to Islam or be executed on the spot.