Problems consolidating itunes library

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Problems consolidating itunes library

My goal and original intention was to merge both the aforementioned newly-created i Tunes Media Folder and the old, pre-consolidated i Tunes library. Simply Copy both the incomplete i Tunes Media Folder & the pre-consolidated i Tunes library onto an external HDD, and drag them both into a newly-downloaded i Tunes on my new Windows 8.1 laptop (of which I still have not acquired.) A. The good news is that your music libraries are physically on your external hard drive and weren't deleted.

I have completed these steps, and both libraries are safe and intact on my external HDD. Merge the 2 aforementioned libraries into 1 consolidated collection, a new i Tunes Media Folder. The bad news is that you might lose your playlists and other things (like ratings and playcounts).

There can be many reasons why you may want to transfer your i Tunes songs to another location.

You might have recently purchased an external hard drive specifically for storing all your media on, or just want to change where your i Tunes songs are stored.

This is where I am - my existing library points towards my laptop C drive, and I have a few MB of copied files on my NAS.

I am trying to back up my itunes library to an external hard drive.

I would be really grateful if anyone can help with the problem I am having consolidating my library.

Sorry for the confusion in my initial instructions.

Please keep me posted on your progress ---Thank you, Diana In XP, the maximum file length is 255.

I'm worried this will cause problems with SSL, or even with I-tunes? things can get sticky quick if those files aren't in i Tunes, but you've dragged and dropped those files/folders onto SSL, for example.

what the consolidate library does is take files from different locations and put them in one master location.

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