Online dating sites for teachers

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Online dating sites for teachers

I'll confess I wasn't really sold on the idea but it would certainly make a refreshing change from browsing through the gazillions of Thai dating sites with pages of grainy photographs of overpowdered gold-diggers all describing their English as 'minimal' and looking for a foreign man with a good heart between the age of twenty and ninety.

This whole topic of relationships comes up regularly on the ajarn discussion forum.

Although I'm no Dr Ruth where dating and mating are concerned, I always get the impression many of the guys who post their thoughts are still nursing the battle scars of failed relationships back in their homeland. She knows what it's like to live in a city where at times the entire foreign male population seems to be chasing Thai tail.

Relationships between a foreign man and a Thai woman might not be perfect, but they are often uncomplicated. But perhaps there are significant numbers of single male teachers out there who are tired of dating outside their own culture and want something a bit more challenging? And let's face it - even for those with the personality and appearance of a swamp donkey, Thai companionship is never too difficult to find.

Perhaps the opportunity to take a partner to a movie and then afterwards over coffee, discuss the director's use of camera angle and primary color - instead of asking whether the film was good or not, getting a one-word answer, and then continuing the taxi journey in silence. The question is how is Sarah going to connect with like-minded foreign teachers for a few rounds of the dating game?

Teachers are being humiliated by a growing social media trend whereby pupils play tricks to shame them, it has been reported.

Derogatory comments about her appearance were posted along with it, it was reported.

Dating websites – if you’ve used one, you’ll be familiar with the compulsion to check your account to see whether that dream girl/guy has sent you a message (and, preferably, a picture). A teacher was sacked for doing just that, in one of the latest tribunal cases reported by Xpert HR.

Here at Uniform Dating we know that uniformed personnel are a highly attractive group of singles.

Ms Moffatt didn’t have a positive view of teachers using dating websites, and thought (somehow) that Mr Bates’ membership of the site could bring the school into disrepute.

An investigation uncovered that Mr Bates had accessed the website for a maximum of 15 seconds during a lesson, apparently while pupils had been watching a video.

I would like to meet other single foreign men (teachers would be great! I did live in Bangkok for 2 years (2002-2004) but during that time I was in a relationship so I did not experience the single life.

I am just wondering if I should prepare myself for a lonely two-three years. I don't get sackloads of communication on this topic, but you do wonder just how many teachers are out there looking for love among their own kind in a country that's world-famous for......*cough*.........initiating relationships with local people.

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Almost a third of the cases it comes across are concerning teachers who have been victimised, rather than pupil-on-pupil abuse, said Ms Robertson, calling the figures “a shock”.

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