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The industry standardized way of determination is a simple one: If you can’t get into this position and touch your wrists to the ground, you have poor thoracic mobility.If you really had to struggle through discomfort or even pain (don’t fight through pain! And if you were able to breeze through this drill, you should probably still work on more mobility, just to shore up what you already possess.

Put the roller under your upper back, keep your glutes off the ground and your feet flat on the ground.Groups I'm part of: focused on helping kids in the community through tutoring or outdoor activities and education.Doors: in my hall, we used to but not anymore...i think it's because rooms are getting progressively messier and we all have our friends so our friends should know they can open the door when ever.Hug yourself tightly so that your upper back expands in breadth, and roll up and down, avoiding the neck and lumbar spine. groups: ORC, En ACT, livesounds, club level soccer and hockey.

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