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Lizzy may dating

Breton stripes will never fall out of favour, so investing in them is key to your tran-seasonal wardrobe.

Click right to buy Georgia's exact top, or see below for some even cheaper alternatives.

Apps, unlike Austen, are fast-paced and essentially a numbers game—swipes, swipes, and more swipes. Last week two (and mostly words from the mouth of Lizzy Bennet, herself)? Because of this we can't show you the lively conversation we had with Joe, who found us out immediately. But a cryptic proposition of dancing was just too much for any modern man to take. If we can talk like a woman from the eighteenth century and still make it work, you'll have more luck than you might think!

You may have seen others who've tried this by channelling Carrie Bradshaw or Rachel Green, but Jane Austen . You would think mentioning the M-word in your third message to a guy on an app would bring things to a screeching halt faster than a horse-drawn buggy stuck in the mud. Granted, we were more or less saying we were in no hurry to get married, but still.

Fenton is a student at the University of Minnesota, who has a crush on someone named Carter.

Instead of going the traditional route of dropping subtle hints, attempting to flirt, or straight out asking Carter if he likes her, Fenton built a genius Power Point explaining exactly why she'd be the perfect girlfriend.

And, perhaps most importantly, her "boobs exhibit steady growth over time" (slide #3).

She started as an A cup in 2013 and is now at a DD.

Then he’d block them all on social media and begin the whole thing again.

The trio posed together in their new collection, suitable for all ages Jerry proved posing in select items from the range alongside her daughters.

In this shot though, Georgia-May is rocking such a classic look, perfect for the upcoming spring season.

All of them had received the couch-spooning treatment.

John was a champion girlfriend accumulator, the ringmaster of a romantic circus that only he could see.

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Fenton predicts in the Powerpoint that by 2025 "each breast will be roughly the circumference of a human head (~57cm)."If her impressive boob growth isn't enough to convince you that Fenton would be a perfect girlfriend, she also has slide #4 to share how financially stable she is (she has a job and can always fall back on her "benefactors," aka her parents) and slide #5 — a list of impressive references including Channing Tatum, allegedly wrote about Fenton.