Investment banker online dating spreadsheet

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Like many, I’m determined to upgrade my spreadsheet savviness.

You can bet that after this post, I’ll be cautiously poking around the bevy of online tutorials and tip sheets — curious, scared, and hopeful.

This is a strategic role playing game designed within an Excel workbook, where you outwit over 2000 possible enemies (wait, what?! How artificial intelligence can be programmed into the same tool I use for travel budgets is beyond me.He builds custom financial models for clients and is reachable at New Prospect Ventures.Download the template financial model in Excel here.For now, I will keep the mystery alive and marvel at the power of Excel to do things I had never considered it capable of doing. However, I will — safe from technical know-how — give a short glance to the program’s “fun” side which I am amazed by and do not (yet) understand in the slightest.Until the day arrives when I’m dispensing spreadsheet magic from my keyboard, I will refrain from doling out time-saving tips or explaining the tool’s new features (3D maps?? Pixel spreadsheet This Think Maths webpage converts images to spreadsheets. Basically, when you capture an image with your camera, it measures the amount of red, green and blue light hitting each pixel.

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At least one financial services professional knows what that’s about.

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