How to succeed at internet dating

Posted by / 24-Feb-2016 04:20

Think of all the money you've spent trying to convince a chick to like you--you can use a dating site to check out all the girls you want, MOST TIMES FOR FREE! Before she reads a WORD on your profile, she's looked at MOST of your pics. REMEMBER: SIGNING UP FOR A PROFILE TO LOOK AROUND IS FREE! You'll find that each site is a little different and your profile on each site should probably reflect what they're looking for. I'm sorry to say that in the country you're visiting from, I don't have any options, but it doesn't mean I'm not out there doing the research.

And if you decide to pay for a subscription, it's a fraction of the cost of a date. Make sure you're having fun in them--and if you took a picture of yourself, just be careful of that reached arm thing. This works if you're wanting to be a playa or a sweet boyfriend. Take this advice, go to a site you know, and use the adivce.

Even better, you're not wasting your money trying to get to know what a girl likes--she's on the dating site telling you EXACTLY what she's all about. When pitching to men, they show you a girl that you want. You sign up for a profile and start checking out girls. They talk on the phone to the soft and sensitive guy, but they fuck the confident guy. Shoot me an email via the contact link below and I'll get on it and email you back before I update.

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An even better idea is to scout chicks and get a feel about what they're looking for, THEN build your profiles.