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Revolutionary Girl Utena is a perfect reflection of that: it's hard to pin down what genre the show is, as it doesn't borrow too heavily from any established genres.What it does offer are complex messages about gender roles, romance, and sexuality; an endless supply of symbols and literary allusions; and a theatrical flair to tie it all together.Shane asks whether PBG or Jon Tron is hotter during a Q&A.PBG says that Shane has the opposite personality to him at an SGC panel, and wants to date him in the Normal Boots dating sim.While some occasional games with romance elements make it out over here - the PSOne RPGs Azure Dreams and Thousand Arms spring to mind and Tecmo's Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball actually has a lot in common with these types of games - otherwise, the only thing we remotely see in English are those terrible hentai PC games.This here is Konami's Tokimeki Memorial, one of the first of the genre and thus one of the most well respected.Some of this can make the show difficult to understand, but it's also what lends the show its appeal.

I downloaded a handful of IP, which I technically should be boycotting at this point, but I already bought the game ages ago so playing it didn’t make any difference to their bottom line.

It sounded like a really crazy idea, probably because it was, but maybe I am crazy because curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to try an app called Scanner&Translator to see how far I could get with it.

The app I have is loaded up with something like 90 different languages that it is supposed to be able to convert words to by taking a snapshot of the text.

I have always been curious about all sorts of genres, and am always seeking out new experiences.

Alas, a language barrier separates me, and many others from enjoying certain genres, such as the straight up dating sim.

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While nostalgia for the 1990s has become a cliche over the years, for anime, it feels at least somewhat appropriate.