Hamer slammer serial number dating

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Hamer slammer serial number dating

I consider it a tier above the aforementioned “Slammer” guitars because even though it is a “Slammer by Hamer”, it was made in Korea rather than China/Indonesia (like the current Slammer guitars).

Further, it has a different configuration than the current Slammer Centaura guitars, and slightly higher-end Schaller tuning hardware. Finally, I owned a Sunburst Archtop Flame (very dim flame) that I sold for a profit of about . I’ve heard some people say these guitars are crap, but I disagree. I don’t think they would advertise crap there, because it would hurt their reputation.

Eclipse Not resting on its laurels, yet two more new Hamer models debuted in ’94 – the Eclipse and the Mirage.

The Eclipse (Model GECS) was a new asymmetrical offset double-cutaway design with short horns, the upper somewhat larger and rounded, the lower more pointed, and a rounded lower bout.

It sounds awesome playing Journey, or ZZ Top, or Night Ranger, or Aerosmith, or ACDC songs, based on the various settings on my amp.i think it is definitely a USA guitar - it is just a little odd that i can find no info to be sure that it is a Studio model. i read a rant somewhere on the high quality of Hamer USA guitars and came across this one - very impressive quality and tone for days.the pups are exactly the "organic" sound i am looking for.I bought it on e Bay because I expect I can sell the case itself (genuine Hamer USA in good condition) for as much as I bought the guitar, and then I can fix up the guitar a little and sell it for another or so. The next step up would be the Hamer “Slammer series” guitars. Mostly Korean-made, they have pretty good sound, and good quality workmanship typical of higher-level Korean guitars.At this tier I have a Hamer Stellar 1, a Hamer Slammer Series Californian GCAS (I think), and a Slammer by Hamer Centaura CT212.

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it has a flame maple top, mahogany neck and body, double cut-away, it is a flat-top as opposed to the carved top, stop tail bridge, '59 and JB pups (could be 2 '59 Duncans- not sure- sounds AWESOME though), 3 way switch and 3 knobs, set neck, real pearl dot inlays and schaller tuners.

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