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FAST, or the Fatigue Avoidance Scheduling Tool, is a desktop software application that helps risk managers plan out schedules based on the sleep opportunity that they afford — using the SAFTE Fatigue Model to simulate the likely impact of these schedules on fatigue exposure, and determining optimal timing and conditions for work and rest.FAST is used extensively by the US military, global aviation firms, and many other industrial organizations. The Readiband is a small, wrist-worn wearable device that measures sleep via actigraphy — high-frequency accelerometry sampling of the movement of the wrist.Users experiencing problems with playing Big Fish Games' offerings should make sure they have the latest Flash Player for their operating system, graphics card drivers and Direct X version.The Windows Vista and Windows 7 Aero graphical user interface (GUI) may also cause problems by overtaxing the computer's resources.

The company offers Flash-based games through its website and its Game Manager software.

Although if you have Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 (which is required for XNA GE Refresh and XNA 2.0) then it should have the functionality built-in to do this, and iirc does it automatically.

That said you can always use xnapack and xnaunpack on the end-user machine in order to provide a secure runtime platform for both 360 and Windows. Obfuscation does not happen automatically, although you can get Dot Fuscator Community Edition for free (possibly trial only).

In this section of Methods of Gathering Data you will learn how archaeologists gather and analyze information by utilizing historical research techniques, field methods for data recovery, and laboratory analyses.

Back to top Every archaeology project begins with a research design –a plan that describes why the archaeology is being done, what research questions it hopes to answer, and the methods and techniques that will be used to gather and analyze the artifacts and other archaeological materials.

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There are a number of excellent, free tools available on the web that will take any compiled assembly and generate source code from it.

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