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Don't be fooled by the title "Finance Manager" (F&I), it's just another name for salesperson. This is the most profitable department in a dealership.Since the salesperson dropped you off and moved on to the next customer, you think you're safe. Ask if the dealer charges advertising fees, dealer prep or other fees.Lizzie Borden took an ax Gave her mother forty whacks When she saw what she had done She gave her father forty-one These days folks are no longer hesitant to cash in on things morbid and macabre, and Lizzie Borden has become Fall River’s chief tourist attraction.There are tours that visit Lizzie’s grave and the courthouse where she stood trial. Dealer extras like extended warranties, rust proofing, etc.

Knowing the fees is important when you are comparing similar deals.

We'll also look at several common scams that a business manager can use to mislead you.

When you move to the business office to finalize your new car deal the really high pressure sales tactic begin.

I have not seen Kevin Kline as funny as he is here in "The Extra Man," since his Oscar winning "A Fish Called Wanda," I thought he would be hysterical as Artemus Gordon in "The Wild Wild West," but I was terribly mistaken.

Kline redeems his comic traits in "The Extra Man," the character is zany, and eccentric, fully of mystery, and entertaining stories.

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Gift shops sell Lizzie When the question, “Are they twins?