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Dating tiffany jewelery

This thread is geared toward identifying the difference between real and fake "Return to Tiffany" pieces. Also, remember that there are sellers that will pull the "bait and switch" method - they display pictures of real jewelry and then send you a fake piece.These items seem to be the most popular request of all Tiffany jewelry. There are NO other authorized retailers of Tiffany & Co, jewelry. **** There are NO TIFFANY WHOLESALERS OR TIFFANY OUTLETS! **** There ARE good deals on Ebay, you just have to be very careful. Or they have photos of a real piece and their fake piece in the same auction.

But any serious collector should have a jeweler’s loupe and a decent hallmarking guide, and start learning to decipher the code.At the start of the Gilded Age, in 1870, Tiffany & Co.opened its flagship store, described as a "palace of jewels" by the New York Times, at 15 Union Square West in Manhattan.But charging moviegoers actual admission to see it?Last I knew, commercials were the price you paid for actual entertainment--they didn't pretend to BE the entertainment, and expect you to pay for them.

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