Dating site profile picture advice

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Dating site profile picture advice

Hinge released a Profile Picture Report that reveals exactly which kinds of pictures will be a guaranteed hit (or miss) on dating profiles.

Hinge data scientists assigned 35 unique photo tags (like: hair up versus hair down) to a random sampling of a thousand photos, then they analyzed how often the photos were liked by other users.“Since Hinge profiles are designed to show off our Members’ personalities, we want to help them put their best foot forward with their photos,” Hinge spokesperson Jean-Marie Mc Grath tells Bustle.

For these, we reached out to two professionals in the field: Ann Maas, director of operations and photographer at Look Better; and Rob Greer, a professional photographer in Los Angeles.

They use out-of-focus [photos], sloppy clothes, inappropriate facial expressions, bathroom selfies (with urinal behind them!

(You do NOT actually need to have a friend present, let me remind you.

We’re just pretending you’re not by yourself in your apartment.) As for where this scene should take place… (Bedrooms read as presumptuous at best; predatory at worst.) The most important element, however, is lighting.

Nothing makes more of an impact on your dating profile than your main image.

Dating app Hinge analyzed its data to find out which types of shots proved most successful.

Photos of people having fun on a night out with friends got 74 percent more likes than the average picture, Hinge found.

Bonus: now you and your friends have an even better excuse to snap a million hot Instas when you go out together.

If you still need more proof, try posting a profile on Match without a photo – a graphic quickly informs you that profiles with photos draw 15 times more interest. To answer this question, let's think for a moment about what the images represent.

Photos tell a story, it's not just about how attractive you are.

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If she has a bad impression of you from the start, she's not clicking on your profile.

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