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Dating genius

God blessed some selected people with extraordinary talent.

Some people are gifted with this magical talent since their childhood. Generally before 10 years old they showed their abilities comparable to those highly skilled adults in specific fields; hence the term child prodigy is used for them.

Derek Amato stood above the shallow end of the swimming pool and called for his buddy in the Jacuzzi to toss him the football.

Then he launched himself through the air, head first, arms outstretched.

It was 2006, and the 39-year-old sales trainer was visiting his hometown of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, from Colorado, where he lived.

Neo is the main protagonist and a good character, so you know that I am also good because I associate myself with him.

When I say my favourite movie is The Matrix, you had better believe it baby. I know it word-for- word and I like to say all of Neo’s parts at the same time as him when I watch it.

And now the duo is back, as the rapper dropped a few verses in Ariana's new "Into You" remix.

But most recently, it seems the two have been spending some time outside the studio, too, as the two were recently spotted kissing at a sushi restaurant in California.

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