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Now, while it seems obvious spending all your time online instead of giving your partner attention is not the best way to promote relationship bliss, there is another reason you've felt so inclined to swap monogamy for singledom as of late: the weather. You were single in the summer most of the time, right? Since you are naturally more equipped to survive as a singleton when it's warm out, it's no wonder you're more likely to be out on your own. The perfect time to do this is when the weather starts to get cold, so we have someone to keep us company.

The average time to break up is after three to five months of dating, once the butterflies stop flapping and the romance fades.

Other holiday factors also come into play, such as air travel to see kith and kin already having been booked and paid for, or a lack of desire to explain to family and friends at the holiday feast what happened to What’s-His-Name.

Some couples even stay together because they don’t want to face the holidays their minds, at least, it’s better to have someone to take to the holiday parties and family gatherings than it would be to show up on their own.

An overwhelming amount of ex-couples surveyed listed social media as a reason their love didn't last. Dating coach, Tracey Steinberg told MTV: The short answer is we don't want to be lonely. Charles Darwin's classic “survival of the fittest” ideology basically sums up why we're so into getting into relationships when it starts to get cold. We don't sleep enough, and we feel goal-oriented — in that we want our goal to be to win over and spend all our time with the guy or gal inspiring that high. We're on an emotional roller coaster, literally wasted on these feelings of delight.

So, while you're busy proverbially f*cking your Facebook page, your Facebook page is literally f*cking you over. According to Hannah Green, a researcher at One Plus One: “Spending time together and communicating well with your partner is of great importance for building healthy and lasting relationships.”You're single because you put more value on likes than actual love. it's fine we've all been there) dating history and consider the times of year in which you were in a relationship. We're unsatisfied with what we settled for back in November, and now we're ready to sow our wild oats out in the sunshine. We no longer feel the social pressure to pair up, and we're finally back out on rooftops and at brunch looking to get some ass. Being alone sucks, so we snap up the first nice boy or girl who looks our way and make him or her BAE in the blink of an eye. Darwin said if you were a weirdo who liked to walk around in the cold by yourself, you were less likely to survive and procreate, whereas those who found mates during colder months had a much higher chance of remaining alive and making babies. Everything feels so good that we rush into relationships unabashed.

Married couples that were introduced online are three times more likely to divorce that those who initially met in-person.

Published in the peer-reviewed journal the article 'Is Online Better Than Offline for Meeting Partners' says that other factors such as the quality and the duration of the relationship can help predict whether a couple will break-up or stay together.

Without the time apart and the people they dated in between, Lucy says they would have never been able to connect meaningfully the second time around.Unless you've been too wrapped up in your Instagram and Twitter feeds, I'm sure you've noticed that all of your obnoxiously coupled-up friends are suddenly single or on the way to being single right now. Of course, it has to do with how f*cked up we are about dating, definitely.Average modern relationships statistically last just two years and nine months. This is directly correlated with a high use of social media.Gifts also factor in, both those already purchased and wrapped that are meant for the soon-to-be-departing, and those the one doing the breaking-up expects to receive.Someone looking forward to getting a Wii or a Play Station for Christmas may, for example, delay ending things until the goodie is in his or her hands.

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After studying more than 4,000 couples, relationships were found to be more stable if the pair initially met face-to-face through mutual friends, work, hobbies or social events.

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