Dating a serial monogamist

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If I were too serious about the dating thing, or the finding the next long-term relationship, I would be taking focus and attention off the things I really need to get done.

At 11 and 13 I don’t have a huge amount of time left before both my kids are heading out into the world without me.

But seemingly only a few weeks removed from the end of her approximately 15-month relationship with Calvin Harris, cue the excitement to figure out just him?!

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Today a Google search of that term brings up a lot of snarky posts about things like “unable to spend any time alone” and “your friends forget exactly who you are dating.” What? I tried “dating” two women at the same time in college. You see, no matter how you do it, you’re always going to be telling the other person what you’ve been doing the next time you get together. I can keep quiet, I suppose, in order to get something that I want. But if she’s not long-term material, I’m not really interested in putting a lot of energy or effort in to the relationship.

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