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Travel deep into the mountain, exploring passageways and formations lit only by the hand-held lanterns you carry!You’ll learn about the eerie ghost stories, folklore, and background history of Cave of the Winds Mountain Park.Carver was educated at local schools in Yakima, Washington.In his spare time, he read mostly novels by Mickey Spillane or publications such as Sports Afield and Outdoor Life, and hunted and fished with friends and family.

You will climb and crawl through passageways lit only by flashlight.

From the Priestess' Chamber bonfire enter the cave - at the end of the corridor there will be a fog gate to the Cave of the Dead.

Drop down the ledge, and if you are human, you will see 2 NPC summon signs, Rapacious Andrei and Ruined Aflis.

Go further, and you can activate the Priestess' Chamber bonfire. Take the platform down and jump to the side as it lowers down. Further around you'll find a chest with the hex Dark Greatsword.

Use the Aged Feather to go back to the bonfire you activated.

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You’ll experience total cave darkness, and explore the wonders of the underground.