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It is the latter type that the law seeks to punish, defining it as “willful engagement, maintenance, control or operation, directly or indirectly of any lascivious exhibition sexual organ or sexual activity, with the aid of computer system, for favor or consideration.” Quoting congressional deliberations on the cybercrime law, the SC observes that the discussions “show a lack of intent to penalize a private showing xxx between and among two private persons xxx although that may be a form of obscenity to some.” When it is geared towards financial gain.

Citing the congressional deliberations, the SC says Congress made it clear “that the element of ‘engaging in business’ is necessary to constitute the illegal cybersex.

Part 1: Can't understand the jargon in the Cybercrime Law?

Part 2: Making sense of online libel MANILA, Philippines – After discussing the important provisions of the recent Supreme Court decision on the cybercrime law, particularly online libel, we proceed to other equally important sections.

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I can't stop worrying that homeland security or instant messenger taped us. What will I do if it pops up at some point in the future?