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China chow still dating keanu reeves

I think he had dollar signs in his pupils.”But Steve Coogan, who stars in the charming comedy about a high school teacher who writes a sequel to Shakespeare’s tragedy in a bid to save his drama program, was bemused by all the fuss.“Americans,” he says nonchalantly, “always get so excited about things: ‘There’s a bidding war! By the next morning, Focus Features emerged as the winning studio, ponying up an eye-popping million for the film, which costars Catherine Keener, Amy Poehler and David Arquette and will arrive in theaters in late August.

“Bill and Ted were supposed to change the world and write the song that saves the world, so the pressures of having to do that and not having succeeded yet – what that’s done to their relationships, their marriage their children and their lives, it’s a cool premise,” he said.

“The moment the first credit went up,” Fleming recalls, “I saw, like, 27 little screens light up.

People started running around, and my agent gave me this dazed expression.

Statistically much better than the "famous" Roswell.

The alien explanation for Keanu Reeves’s love of Kujawsko-Pomorskie might strain the truth a little bit.

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