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Story takes place when “the Big One” strikes California and a special ops firefighter and his ex-wife must make the treacherous journey from Los Angeles to San Francisco to rescue his daughter. The “San Andreas” project has been in development since 2011, with Beau Flynn producing through his Flynn Picture Co.

Sponsored Products are advertisements for products sold by merchants on Carla Gugino: I mean I’m so excited about this movie. And it is a thrilling, fully engaging ride in the most spectacular way. In the midst of that, they also really come much closer together as a family. But she’s just a person who thinks on her toes and just has to take one step…No matter how scared she is, she’s going to do it because what are the alternatives? It was such a joy that we got to do this together, because we both do trust each other. This movie is interesting, too, because Paul Giamatti is fantastic in it, of course, as he always is. They’re actually finding that there is a chance of now finding out 60 seconds before something really is going to hit. I don’t want to do anything that’s not challenging. My character, how you’ve met her, you get a sense that she is not exactly who she seems to be and that something has gone on very strange time wise, because Matt Dillon’s character thinks he was with her in a motel room two weeks ago and she looks 12 years older and has been married and living here for that period of time. And we’re going to come to find out what’s underneath that, and what’s underneath that is a very different person.It delivers on all levels of what you want from a big summer Hollywood blockbuster, all those things. They have a bit of a broken family because they’ve had a family tragedy that they never really dealt with. And for where we had to go in this particular script, in a short amount of time you have to establish the long relationship that proceeded that and be really vulnerable with each other. If there was an alert system for that, like you get on your phone a flood alert or whatever, that would allow people to at least grab a passport, get under a table and actually take a very quick precaution. And I think that was, to me, what really drew me to it, not only just the cast.The 'Watchmen' star - who split from Robert Zincone, the father of her two-year-old Sebastian in 2013 - has revealed she isn't interested in starting...Jennifer Aniston enjoyed a star-studded birthday dinner on Thursday ().

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And I think when you are a mother and your child is in danger, that mother bear, nothing will stop them. So that’s certainly the galvanizing force in terms of what’s taking her there. And she is ultimately scared of things that we are scared of, but she will push through any fear to get to her daughter. I think he’s always been very talented and he’s always delivered in all the ways that he has.