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Best non sedating antihistamine

These are the symptoms of hay fever, also known as allergic rhinitis.

Antihistamines are medications that block the receptor for histamine, thereby stopping the symptoms that histamine causes.

Here are some main types of medications: Note: You should never underestimate the drowsiness caused by first-generation antihistamines.

In some cases, the effect continues into the next day of taking an antihistamine.

Just wondering if someone could supply some binding affinity charts to this thread. Histamine antagonism in the brain is inherently sedating, but apparently many of the 2nd-gen antihistamines are poor at crossing the blood brain barrier, and therefore less sedating, (it depends on which one though, some 2nd-gen ones are still sedating).

Adrenergic antagonism helps with sedation/anxiolysis too. A few antihistamines can have additional mechanisms of action that may add to anxiolysis/relaxation/sedation.

Anyway I'd like to know which of them (regardless as their branding as 'antihistamines') has the strongest affiliations with these receptors known for producing hypnotic properties.

From what I can tell I think the list beginning with the strongest goes something like this: Quetiapine (seroquel) Mirtazipine (remeron) (from experience) Hydrazine Promethazine (from inference from the internet's experience) --------- Anything else I'm missing here?

Sometimes, your immune system may react to bee venom, pollen, pet dander, or another foreign substance that usually does not cause any reaction in most people.

Unfortunately, most antihistamine medicines can cause drowsiness, but you can also find some antihistamines that won't make you drowsy. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to deal with your allergy symptoms, and that is when you decide to take antihistamines to feel better.

There are basically two types of antihistamines – first generation antihistamines and second generation antihistamines.

--------- IMHO dipenhydramine, trazadone and haldol are not even worthy of placing on this list, unless you like restless leg syndrome and feeling like a mental ward patient.

Even seroquel at tolerance-level dosing gave me very uncomfortable nightmarish RLS/insomnial hellacious torture that I would never wish to endure ever again.

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Antihistamines have muscle-tightening properties that can prevent incontinence and manage conditions like irritable bowel syndrome.

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