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It addresses business continuity, emergency preparedness, DR, productivity, and employee reachability.Closely integrated with Microsoft Exchange Server and Outlook, the blog will be of interest to IT administrators, architects and managers with hundreds or thousands of smartphones.Also, if a new user is added through AD or a number is changed, it doesn’t show on the phone because all that updates is the GAB!!!!

On the E-Mail Accounts Wizzard dialogue that appears, select ‘Next’.In the dialogue that appears, uncheck ‘Download changes since last send/receive’, make sure that ‘Full Details’ is selected and then select ‘Global Address List’ as the Address Book. When connected to an Exchange server, Outlook will automatically synchronize the address book once every 24 hours.The contacts do not update along with AD, only the GAB so, again, say that a new employee starts today and I setup all accounts.Once I setup their phone I have to login to their email and copy the GAB to contacts to see contacts in the phone, but again, the contacts do not update orchange when you make changes via AD.

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