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A new referral doesn’t necessarily mean a new course of treatment is needed.Where a patient's referral has expired and they present a new referral for the continuing management of a previously referred condition, attendances provided under the new referral must be billed under the subsequent attendance items.This woman is an extraordinarily detailed person who has taken notes of every call she has made as well as her response to every letter and communication she has received on this matter.

In the absence of this information, it is generally understood that this is not a Medicare requirement.

In processing this change, her Social Security payments for some reason now reference her husband’s Social Security number.

This has confused and tangled her Medicare coverage, and she has been issued letters stating her Medicare coverage has ended.

I saw rates below 4% for 30-year fixed, just over 3% for 15-year fixed, with no points and low closing cost.

Although many general practitioners will write referrals to their specialist colleagues on almost daily basis, the rules behind the process can be a source of confusion, and at times are simply absent or ambiguous.

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