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Namely, each field in the Grid View or Details View is rendered in its editing interface; Bound Fields display a Text Box control while Check Box Fields display an enabled checkbox.

Moreover, a Command Field is added, which displays the Edit, Update, and Cancel buttons, as needed.

when opening the form it says "specified cast is not valid".. Please, open a new support ticket and provide a sample, fully runnable project (including DB, if needed) along with a more detailed explanation of the problem and screenshots if possible.

The problem is caused by the fact that only primitive type properties such as string, int, bool are bindable declaratively.

- Jim Hi Jim, I am not quite sure what is your exact scenario and what exactly does not work.

I am trying to make the Rad Color Picker work in a grid with inline editing.

First, look at the markup for the attribute in a different location. NET controls, the order of attributes in the control declaration doesn’t matter.

A couple of interesting things are worth examining. You normally only need these if your column or table name contains a special character such as a space or the name matches a reserved word.

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I'm saving the "#ffffffff" as the string version of the color in the database.

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