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Andy and solbi really dating

Sun Ah visited Binnie along with Ryeo Won and Dan again on the set of Snow Queen and Binnie has visited her while filming Girl Scouts and while shooting a CF with Yoon Eun Hye.* Hyun Bin being such a gentleman to Sun Ah during the MBC awards night circa 2005 where he was almost like her PA who’s hellbent on keeping her legs covered the entire night while also shouting to the whole world that there’s only Sam Soon for him while drying her tears away.

Up until early 2009 Sun Bin fans are hopeful that there is still a chance that these two will get together in real life despite the fact that Kim Sun Ah obviously only sees Binnie as a dongseng or younger brother.

The both of them received overwhelming support as they won by a landslide 51.8% of the total vote, with a total of 8,305 netizens voting for them.

Following them are Hyun Joong - Hwang Bo in second place with 24.3% of the votes.

and when they're on the screen again they provided the ugly comment ever...

went though casting changes and even got cancelled and then un-cancelled, so even popular shows that still has some legs left has to contend with the dust heap of cancellation possibility.

That might be interesting, I’m always curious after watching I honestly haven’t watched a WGM episode in years but looking back there have been amazing onscreen couples that truly convinced me, and many viewers, that they were falling in love despite how scripted it all was.

This how is basically the wholesome K-drama romance version of The Bachelor with the viewers always clinging to the sliver of possibility that reel can become real love. For me it was Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo along with Kim So Eun and Song Jae Rim.

They moved in and ’spend the night’ at their new house with Solbi making him a breakfast the next day while asking for his schedule.

Long before idols ruled the variety show WE GOT MARRIED, it was the pairing of the original couples Andy and Solbi, Crown J and Inyoung, Alex and Shin Ae and later on Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo that brought this little known program to the attention of fans all over the world.

They immediately hit it off from day one of the program with Solbi admitting right off the bat that even before she became a singer, she had long harbored a secret crush on Andy and how being in the show with him as a pseudo couple is a dream come true.

Her groom, Park Jae Gwan is 2 years older than her, a foreign graduate student from Seattle, Washington.

Only 250 guests attended her private wedding, which some of them are Shinae’s co-stars from KBS2 “Empress Cheonchu”.

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Also among them, group singers Big Mama and the amazing voice, K.