841 error validating cardaccount number range

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841 error validating cardaccount number range

Call Customer Service 519 This merchant is inactive Call Customer Service 521 ehost has received a badly formatted message [This error is returned when required fields are missing] 523 An invalid TID was received {Terminal ID] 801 PWS_ERR_VALIDATION_AMOUNT 803 PWS_ERR_VALIDATION_AVSADDRESS 804 PWS_ERR_VALIDATION_AVSZIPCODE 806 PWS_ERR_VALIDATION_BIN 811 PWS_ERR_VALIDATION_CUSTOMERADDR December 2006 Orbital Gateway Interface Specification Page 114 Code Description Action 812 PWS_ERR_VALIDATION_CUSTOMER 814 PWS_ERR_VALIDATION_CUSTOMERNAME 817 PWS_ERR_VALIDATION_CUSTOMERPHONE 818 PWS_ERR_VALIDATION_CVV2 822 PWS_ERR_VALIDATION_ISSUENUM 823 PWS_ERR_VALIDATION_LANGUAGE 825 PWS_ERR_VALIDATION_MERCHANTID 826 PWS_ERR_VALIDATION_ORDERDESCRIPTION 827 PWS_ERR_VALIDATION_ORDERID 831 PWS_ERR_VALIDATION_TAXAMT 832 PWS_ERR_VALIDATION_TAXINCLUDED 833 PWS_ERR_VALIDATION_TERMINALID 834 PWS_ERR_VALIDATION_TRANSDATE 835 PWS_ERR_VALIDATION_TRANSTIME 836 PWS_ERR_VALIDATION_ECOM 838 PWS_ERR_VALIDATION_ACNUMBER 839 PWS_ERR_VALIDATION_PAN_LUHN 840 PWS_ERR_VALIDATION_PAN_LENGTH 841 PWS_ERR_VALIDATION_PAN_RANGE 842 PWS_ERR_VALIDATION_EXP_DATE_FORMAT 844 PWS_ERR_VALIDATION_EXP_DATE_TOO_NEW 845 PWS_ERR_VALIDATION_START_DATE_FORMAT 846 PWS_ERR_VALIDATION_START_DATE_TOO_NEW 847 PWS_ERR_VALIDATION_PAN_FORMAT 848 PWS_ERR_VALIDATION_CURRENCY_FORMAT 849 PWS_ERR_VALIDATION_CURRENCY_UNSUPPORTED 850 PWS_ERR_VALIDATION_CURRENCY_BAD_EXPONENT 851 PWS_ERR_VALIDATION_MERCHANT_UNSUPPORTED 852 PWS_ERR_VALIDATION_BRAND_UNSUPPORTED 853 PWS_ERR_VALIDATION_BRAND_PAN_MISMATCH 881 The LIDM you supplied # does not match with any existing transaction (Cannot void or Mark a Transaction because the Tx Ref Num does match a transaction) 882 LOCKED_DOWN (Cannot mark or unmark transaction) 9720 Soft Desc: Merchant not activated for soft descriptors 9721 Soft Desc: Merchant Name is required if soft descriptor data is sent December 2006 Orbital Gateway Interface Specification Page 115 Code Description Action 9722 Soft Desc: Merchant Name exceeds max length of [%s] for %s transactions 9723 Soft Desc: [%s] cannot contain leading spaces 9724 Soft Desc: [%s] exceeds max length of [%s] 9725 Soft Desc: Product Description cannot be present if Merchant Name is %s 9726 Soft Desc: Product Description length cannot exceed [%s] if Merchant Name length is between %s and %s 9727 Soft Desc: Too many Merchant descriptors.If you receive an error message whilst making the booking, then the booking will not be made but please check your account (see above) before making a new booking request.(Please do not make a "double" booking in error as they can not be refunded). 75 Bad Amount Error 77 Invalid Amount Decline 78 Missing Companion Data Error 79 Invalid Merchant Error 80 Invalid MOP for division Error 81 Call Low Fraud Decline Voice 82 Call Medium Fraud Decline Voice 83 Call High Fraud Decline Voice 84 Call Unavailable Fraud Decline Voice 85 Duplicated Order # Error 86 Auth Recycle Host down Error Wait 87 Invalid Currency Error 88 Invalid Purch. 91 Approved Low Fraud Approved None 92 Approved Medium Fraud Approved None 93 Approved High Fraud Approved None 94 Approved Fraud Service Unavailable Approved None 95 Invalid Data Type Error 96 Invalid Record Sequence Error 97 Percents Not Total 100 Error 98 Issuer Unavailable Decline Resend 99 No Answer / Unable to send Error Resend A1 Payments Not Total Order Error A2 Bad Order Number Error A3 FPO Locked Error Wait A4 FPO Not Allowed Error Call A5 Auth Amount Wrong Error A6 Illegal Action Error December 2006 Orbital Gateway Interface Specification Page 107 Code Definition Status Action A8 Invalid Start Date Error A9 Invalid Issue Number Error B1 Invalid Transaction Type Error B2 Account Previously Activated Decline Cust B3 Unable to void transaction Error B5 Not on file Decline B7 Fraud Decline Cust. Must be nnn-nnnaaaa or nnn-aaaaaaaa 9737 Gateway is Down Resend 9738 Database Connection Problem: Cannot acquire Database Resend Connection 9743 Pcard 3 data was sent in parent split, but is missing in current request 9744 If Alt Tax is sent Alt Tax ID is required 9745 Three reasons could result in this error: - Pcard 3 data can only be sent with MC and VI cards.

- Pcard 3 data cannot be sent on this request type.

A Windows error is an error that happens when an unexpected condition occurs or when a desired operation has failed.

When you have an error in Windows -- whether it's Windows 7, Windows XP or Windows Vista -- it may be critical and cause your programs to freeze and crash or it may be seemingly harmless yet annoying.

It just checks to see if the number matches the expected format. The programs are thoroughly documented in the code itself via docblock comments.

They can be rendered using php Documentor or Javadoc.

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